Missouri Aquarium Society, Inc.
Four Auctions each Year!

Winter February 12, 2017; Spring April 30, 2017;
Summer August 6, 2017; Fall November 16, 2017

Viewing 10:00 AM Auction Begins at 11:00 AM

Crowne Plaza Hotel St. Louis Airport
11228 Lone Eagle Dr., St. Louis, MO 63044

Information & Seller Registration: auction@missouriaquariumsociety.com

Rules, Seller’s Sheets and Labels:

We have both the regular verbal auction and
huge silent auctions running throughout the day!
$1.00 - Move-ups are allowed after the first silent auction closes at 12:30.

Buyers can find their choice of 500 - 800 (or more!) lots of:
Locally Raised Freshwater Tropical Fish (Cichlids, Angels, Wild type and
Fancy Livebearers, Killies, Fancy Guppies, Community Fish, Catfish, Plecos and MORE!),
Freshwater Shrimp, Other Freshwater Invertebrates,
Locally Raised Aquatic Amphibians (Axolotls, Salamanders, Newts and Frogs),
Aquarium and Pond Goldfish and Koi,
Aquatic Plants, Pond Plants, Aquarium and Pond Supplies and Equipment
Tanks, Stands, Lights, Heaters, Filters, Driftwood, Rocks, Gravel, and
Other Decorations, Books and Magazines, Flake and Pellet Foods, Live Foods and MORE!
We have a huge 220 gallon tank for this auction

Though our sellers are mostly freshwater hobbyists,
there are sometimes marine fish/inverts and live rock frags as well.

We will have 4 or 5 raffles being drawn throughout the day,
with the new 75 gallon tank setup raffle being drawn at 4:00 pm.
Sailfin Pet Store has donated two $50 gift certificates for raffle.
YOU MUST be present to win.
Thanks to Tropical World Pets on Watson Road and Sailfin Pet Store for supplying these huge Aquatic Prizes

Crowne Plaza Hotel, St. Louis Airport,
11228 Lone Eagle Dr.
Bridgeton, MO 63044
Lindberg and I-70

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