Next General Meeting - July 21th

Jennifer Williams

"Aquascaping for Average People", or "How to have a beautiful aquascape in your home without having to be a professional aquascaper".  

Jen Scaping
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The 2015 SWAP Meet was wow of a success for vendors and all involved!
It is time to get involved for the Sep 25 - MASI 2016 SWAP Meet.

Next year the Am Live Bearer Assn. (ALA) will be hosted by MASI.
May 4, 5, 6 & 7th at the Holiday Inn in Earth City.
More details to follow.

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MASI Special Events are held at
the Crowne Plaza Hotel - St. Louis Airport
just south of Hwy 70 on N. Lindbergh


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Next General Meeting
July 21th
Meeting Place Info
Our next Auction: August 14th

Viewing at 10 AM
Auction at 11 AM
*The Location & More Information HERE.

Cafe Press is a Great place to get MASI stuff
T-shirts, Coffee mugs and all kinds of Logo stuff.
The next council meeting,
July 23
@ 6:30PM at
Rob Simmons' home
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